Developer Manifesto

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Some thoughts about engineering and software development.

  1. The most important: You Are an Artisan, Not an Engineer
  2. Style matters: For product you develop, its aesthetic quality matters.
  3. Maniacal Focus on Elegance and Simplicity
  4. Finish the Job: Simply “working” solution doesn’t mean your work has finished.
  5. Timing is Everything
  6. Throw It Away: Don’t be afraid to restart.
  7. Everything is an Experiment: Everything you do is subject to change. It can start, stop, fail or succeed. But that doesn’t mean you should be demotivated to pursue the ideas you have. It also means you should not see the ending of something as a failure. Learn from it.
  8. Question Everything: The status quo is boring.
  9. Believe in Your Intuition.
  10. Create Value
  11. Trust is Earned
  12. Take Ownership, don’t depend on Consensus.
  13. Ignore the Competition.
  14. Have Strong Opinions, but hold on to them Weakly. Be willing to change your mind when you learn new information.
  15. Ownership is not only about your work. Own up to Failure.
  16. Be Passionate
  17. Participate and contribute if you can: Be the Jack of all trades and Master of ONE.

I came across these thoughts here and I want to thank Tyler Flint for sharing these. I try to incorporate these into my work as much as I can.

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