Aditya M. Deshpande

I am a Ph.D. student in CDS Lab at University of Cincinnati advised by Dr. Manish Kumar and Dr. Ali A. Minai. My research is focused on embodied intelligence in robots.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Email: deshpaad [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu

Research Interests

Embodied Intelligence, Evolutionary Approaches in robotics, Developmental Robotics, Deep reinforcement learning, Swarm and Multi-robot systems, Flying Robots, IoT


  • One-Shot Recognition of Manufacturing Defects in Steel Surfaces.
  • Self-Organized Circle Formation around an Unknown Target by a Multi-Robot Swarm using a Local Communication Strategy.
  • Robot swarm for efficient area coverage inspired by ant foraging: The case of adaptive switching between brownian motion and lévy flight.
  • Constraint handling in firefly algorithm.


Talks and Demos

  • Multi-object trackers in Python. [webpage]
  • Autonomous Flying Robot. [webpage]