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Bias, Variance and Trade-off

less than 1 minute read


This post is a quick note to myself regarding bias-variance trade-off. The note is compilation of Andrew Ng’s machine learning lecture and my understanding. I hope someone may find it insight full.

Stability of Fixed Points of High Dimensional Dynamical Systems

5 minute read


In the previous post, I discussed the basics regarding the stability of fixed points of a dynamical system and explained it with a simple continuous-time one-dimensional example. In this post, I will discuss fixed points for a general case of a continuous-time $n$-dimensional system.


Notes on Vector Calculus

3 minute read


This post contains some of the important notes which come in handy while working with vector-calculus.

Rotation using Euler Angles

4 minute read


I have always found rotation using Euler angles confusing. This post is just a simple note to maintain my sanity while performing rigid body transformations using Euler angles and rotational matrices.

Stablility of Fixed Point of a Dynamical System

3 minute read


Stability theory is used to address the stability of solutions of differential equations. A dynamical system can be represented by a differential equation. The stability of the trajectories of this system under perturbations of its initial conditions can also be addressed using the stability theory.

Quaternion Rotation

2 minute read


Quaternions are a number system that extends complex numbers. A quaternion provides a convenient mathematical notation for representing orientations and rotations of an object in three dimensions. This section discusses some of the useful properties and operations which are used in quaternion rotation.


Random Processes

7 minute read


The post explains the basics of Random Processes. Click here to read further.